Hope is God. Hope is savior. Hope is the Gateway. Hope is the Beacon. But have you actually thought what Hope actually is. Hope is a gateway to beacon when a person is in the abyss of ignorance or darkness. Hope is the only savior when there is nothing to count on. Hope is one... Continue Reading →


Born to work

The souls want to provide services, Born to provide labour Thy people-why are you so cruel? Why do you have to become so selfish that you, ask that all your work. Do they not have a soul like you? People say we shall create awareness about these things, But then people don't even understand what... Continue Reading →

Think! Think of it and act

Mankind - Betrayal is their nature, But why can't you live without betraying others? You've betrayed friends and family. You didn't even leave environment. Why do you do that? Did environment harm you in any way? Think! Think of it and act. Why do you act so impulsive? Oh sorry! - It's again in your... Continue Reading →

Melancholy before exams 

Well have you felt the voice within you telling yourself that the amount of study that you have done in the day is insufficient or you are sad because you think that you are not going to do well in your exams. Because that is what melancholy is. Feeling sad for no obvious cause. This... Continue Reading →

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